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Dr. Cook's letter

Mathew Empie, M.D.
Sarah Leddy, M.D.
Elizabeth O’Brien, M.D.
Diana R. Williams, M.D.



Dear Patients and Parents,

We are saddened to notify you that Dr. Michelle Cook, who has been a wonderful addition to our Long Pond family over the past two years, will be relocating at the end of June, as her husband will be pursuing further training in his surgical field in Texas. Her last day seeing patients is June 18th*. Dr. Cook has provided excellent care to our patients and she has been a hardworking and valued colleague during this difficult time.


A note from Dr. Cook…..

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will be leaving Long Pond Pediatrics this June. The past two years have meant so much, and it has been a privilege becoming part of the Long Pond family. The decision to leave was not easy, but will allow for me to be closer to my family, and for my husband to start the next phase of his career. Thank you for letting me care for you and your family.”


We are happy to announce that Dr. Caitlin Burzynski will be taking over Dr. Cook’s practice on August 2nd.* When Dr. Burzynski interviewed here, we partners felt a connection with her which was further supported by Dr. Cook, who knows her both personally and professionally.

You can learn more about Dr. Burzynski by visiting our website or Facebook page.

*If your child is due for their yearly well visit (or school/camp physical) in the month of June or July, we encourage you to call our office now to schedule an earlier appointment with Dr. Cook. Until Dr. Burzynski’s arrival, please be assured that any issues/medical needs will be addressed by one of us or a nurse practitioner.


On behalf of Drs. Empie, Leddy, O’Brien and Williams…

Best Regards,


Teri Peters

Practice Administrator


Please click here to learn more about Dr. Caitlin Burzynski

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